South Shore Homes For Sale Inventory Plummets

Braintree Homes on MarketIf you’ve considered selling your home, now may be the perfect opportunity. The charts on this page come from Trulia reports of homes currently for sale. The data is quite remarkable.

In just about every one of our towns over the past 12 months we’ve seen a late spring and a late fall market. The graph for Braintree clearly shows this. What it also shows is the current inventory of homes is extremely low. (Hint: click on a chart to see a larger view.)

Hingham Homes on MarketWhile Hingham’s fall market was considerably less active than springtime, its current inventory is equally thin.¬†Homes on the market in Hull reflect the seasonality of that community.Hull Homes on Market¬†Hanover is very much the same as Braintree with an equally low current inventory.

Norwell remaining strong from the spring of 2013 through the fall and, like the other towns, now has a very low inventory of property for

The city of Quincy is a much larger market but it too is lacking an adequate supply of homes. Scituate, like Hull, did not see a significant drop over the summer months but now it to lacks inventory. In the town of Weymouth the fall market was a bit more robust than springtime.Quincy Homes on Market

Scituate Homes on MarketThat said, like all the other towns, there simply aren’t enough homes available to meet the demand.

To summarize, now is indeed the time for sellers to prepare their homes for sale, find a Realtor with whom they’re comfortable and get their property on the market as soon as possible.

When other sellers put their homes up for sale, increased competition will obviously pressure sellers to take less than an optimal price. Don”t let this happen to you.
Weymouth Homes on Market

If any of this interests you and you’d like to explore the sale of your home please contact me today.

Bob Mitchell

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